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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do Going out for a party tonight? Great, but wait! How to eat successfully when you’re following your Keto diet religiously? This mini guide will help you eat out while maintaining your low-carb lifestyle. Whether you are planning an office lunch, celebrating a friend’s birthday party, or having dinner date at your in-laws’ home, get ready for delicious food — anywhere while keeping it completely KETO.


Before paving your way into a restaurant and being tempted by the menu, it is always wise to navigate through their food options and nutrition information online using your smart phone. After scanning the menu for the Keto-friendly options that best suit your taste and macros, all you need is careful ordering that customizes your dish so it is perfect for your keto regimen!


While restaurant meals can be extremely low in fat, it often becomes a big deal to feel satisfied when you’re carbs are also limited. But worry not; we can resolve this problem by simply adding fat to a standard offering:

  • Ask for more butter and spread it all over your meat or veggies. 
  • Ask for vinegar dressing and olive oil — and then sprinkle those on your salads and meals.
  • Ask for heavy cream to add to your tea or coffee. 


Keep the CARB temptation off your platter by asking for the preparation of your meals without the unnecessary SUGAR and STARCH. So, ditch the bread, perish away the pasta, and pass on the potatoes. 

  • If you are planning to order an entrée, you can ask for salad or extra veggies to substitute the starch.
  • If you are planning to order a burger or sandwich, you can ask the restaurant for lettuce wraps in place of the bun.


Did you know that some sauces like ketchup contain mostly carbs and must be avoided when eating out? What’s more; other sauces like Béarnaise sauce are mostly rich in fat and can be your go-to sauce at a restaurant. 

Pro Tip: If you are not sure about a sauce, why not ask the wait staff about its ingredients and totally avoid it if it comprises flour, sugar, or other starches. Plus, you can always request them to serve the sauce on the side so you can add optimal quantity to your meal.


While it’s arguably true that you should focus on what you’re eating (and especially what you’re not eating) on a Ketogenic diet, it is equally important to keep a track of what you sip too.

Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda as well as the fruit drinks as they’re enriched with sugar, which translates into carbs. That’s not all, it is also recommended to avoid dairy milk which is high in carbs, and thus not keto-friendly.

Simply put that the prefect drinks are water, tea, or coffee.

And if it mandatory to choose an alcoholic beverage, you can sip on dry wine, champagne, or light beer— that are all great low-carb choices. 


Have you already finished your dinner but still craving for more? Are you having that irresistible urge for something sweet? Don’t worry; you can curb the ‘dessert temptation’ by sipping a nice cup of herbal tea or decaf coffee while others finish their sweets. 

Ah, still hungry? As a last resort, you can grab a plate full of cheese or prefer to eat berries with heavy cream. After all, cream or butter makes a satisfying combination with coffee!