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Since the time keto diet has made an ultimate comeback, ketosis has become a household name. And undeniably an interesting topic of conversation! While ‘ketosis’ is quite a hyped word exclusively in health-and-fitness-enthusiasts’ world, there are many who still wonder what does this much-publicized term mean.

In fact, many individuals are very much aware that ‘ketosis’ is directly related to the popular keto diet and plays a paramount role in shedding stubborn fat. However, not many exactly know what it means and how does it help in cutting down fats from the body. 

Here we give you a comprehensive yet brief working of the world-famous phenomenon- ‘ketosis’ and how it’s proving to be an absolute miracle in lighting fast fat loss. 

Basics before Ketosis

Before we get to the understanding of ketosis, it’s crucial to know a tad bit about the functioning of human physiology. For a body to function smoothly and be able to carry out daily works and activities without any hindrance, it requires enough fuel that is fetched from the balanced diet we consume. 

In order to get adequate fuel the human body primarily relies on glucose as its fundamental source of energy to keep the individuals at their best. What is the source of glucose, you may ask? The answer: glucose is derived from the food that has high carbohydrate content, for instance, sugar and starchy food.

What is ketosis?

In some circumstances, the body starts to make use of fat as the main source of energy instead of glucose to meet the energy demands of the body. This happens when the body experiences a deficiency of glucose due to the reduction of carbohydrate consumption in the diet. And in order to keep the anatomical functions running the body resorts to burning fat molecules which then become the supplier of energy one no longer gets from carbs. 

Under these special conditions, the body’s stored fats are burnt to produce ketones which are used as fuel to keep the people going. And this process is what the famous ‘ketosis’ means which helps in the miraculous weight loss by rapidly using the unwanted fat in the body.

While the human body enters the state of ketosis even during starvation, one key difference between entering ketosis when following the keto diet is that it can be sustained. If you are fasting or starving you feel drained of energy and have a strong craving for sugary delicacies or food with high carbohydrate content. But when you are a keto enthusiast, you realize that keeping your body in the state of ketosis is sustainable without completely relying on bland food and killing your cravings. 

How does it contribute to shedding unwanted fat?

In the process of ketosis, the body starts burning stored fat to release energy that lasts for a long duration. Therefore people have started to consume high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet plan in which individuals rely on fat for energy. When the body initiates the fat burning process, fat is broken down into molecules known as ketones which are then released into the bloodstream. 

This is when the body enters the state of ketosis and uses broken down fat. And this process helps in shedding weight as the body gets accustomed to this process within two to four days of following the keto diet. And this my friend, is the reason how following the ultimate-carb diet has become a boon to those looking forward to quicker and miraculous weight loss in comparison to the traditional low-fat diet.

This unbelievable phenomenon of swift weight loss is supported by a study that revealed that obese men who religiously adhered to the keto diet and underwent the process of ketosis lost an average of 12 pounds in just four weeks. It is undoubtedly a boon to mankind!